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Provide WiFi to Customers
With your own Branding

In Association With


Konnect is an integrated network product provided by Klivolks for the enterprises who have active visitor and have longer waiting period. In order to keep the customer happy, Konnect can be used to provide WiFi to the customers at a lower cost and higher speed. Konnect includes internet, intranet, routers, switches, access points, cabling, fixing, maintenance, management tools, capture portal, OTP verification, Logs as per TRAI regulation, Facility for interim promotion and much more.

Konnect can be established in hospitals, hotels, waiting lounges, parks, restaurants etc. which adds value to the provider. For that Klivolks team first assess the technical feasibility of installing network. On basis of assessment report, we create a network schema that suits the establishment. As per topology diagram, engineers install the devices and implement network. After testing, Management tools like Matchable WiFi will be integrated to the service. After implementing capture portal and confirmation of design, customers can browse internet from enterprises branded WiFi.


24/7 Support

You get a Relationship Manager, who is a superhuman, who can solve all your issues.

Device Replacement

Immediate replacement for faulty device creates no hiccups in serving internet.


Every bit of product is customizable means your brand your words your design.

Realtime Analytics

You get a portal with realtime data and 360 degree view of users.

Multiple networks

You can use the same network for your internal purposes too without any hassle.

Product Exposure

A huge oppurtunity to get exposure for your own products using Matchable WiFi.


₹ 7200* /Month
  • people_outline Max 50 Concurrent Users
  • notifications Self Promotions
  • pages Provision for Ads
  • device_hub Device Manager
  • signal_wifi_4_bar Customized Access Points
  • business Custom Portal Design
₹ 7200* /Month
  • people_outline Max 50 Concurrent Users
  • web_asset Recharge Option
  • payment Payment Gateway
  • device_hub Device Manager
  • signal_wifi_4_bar Customized Access Points
  • business Custom Portal Design

* Rates may change without prior notice.

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For fully customization opt for SB Premium