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An enterprise that raises
Standards with its Quality.

What we are?

A startup who won Whatsapp Startup challenge organised by Facebook. That’s us. We are a recognised startup by India government, which is under Kerala Startup Mission. We are having a vision of implementing new edge technologies to small and medium enterprises which are the backbone of a country. We cater expertise in defining architecture and development of IT products which our team acquired through seven years of experience. We strive to deliver best result in development of our client industries through adequate and consistent surveys. We keep our spirits high through challenges and we create sagas from them.

KLIVOLKS delivers software development and application development at reasonable cost prices as per the client requirements. It is still Day 1 and KLIVOLKS is relentlessly focused on expanding selection and raising the bar for customer experience. As we have a strategy of constantly learning dependant development through agile method, we deliver most modern technology to the clients. Our products are one of its kind in the industry because of its uniqueness and reliability. We are currently headquartered in India, is expanding to Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe and North America.


20 Apr

The name KLIVOLKS was born. KLIVOLKS is merging of two words, 'KLI' and 'VOLKS'. KLI stands for klick(click) in US English and VOLKS means people in German. Thus the word meant (mouse)clicking people.

12 Jun

The domain for KLIVOLKS was registered. Started operation as a tech support provider in Trivandrum.

26 Dec

First Web Project for Chathurya architects and interiors. Thus team stepped into programming.

1 Mar

Books4Edu an e-commerce product by KLIVOLKS commenced operation. Which was a success and operated until 2014 and couldn't grow more than a regional seller. Understanding no scalability further dropped project.

3 May

Converted into a partnership firm for project Idealist Revolution which was dependend on google adsense. Revenue slowly degraded due to click baits that started in the industry. Our founder Vishnu Prakash joined hands with Vivek SG, founder of Idealist and Sreenivasan, Tech expert build a greater experience for the clients.

10 Sep

Dissolved Partnership due to lack of burnout capital and continued to serve clients as a small enterprise. We relentlessly focused on client satisfaction.

17 Dec

Project Klubsta was born. An integrated product which brings Client Demand Analysis and Prediction with the help of AI.

2 Feb

Konnect was established as the part of MPLADS Scheme by Dr. Shashi Tharoor at Trivandrum for Matchable Asia Pacific.

25 Jul

KLIVOLKS ranked at 194 by Cruchbase among Top 10000 Trending India Companies.

31 Aug

KLIVOLKS was incorporated as a Private Limited.

10 Oct

KLIVOLKS is officially a GST Registered company and Trademark application got accepted.

24 Oct

Officially recognised as a Startup by India Goverment, KLIVOLKS® is now serving Software and Product development in US, UAE and India and IT Infrastructure in Trivandrum and Kochi, India.

02 Apr

KLIVOLKS® became a registered startup under Kerala Startup Mission.

20 Jul

KLIVOLKS® introduced PELICAN. Dear Tour Operators, Let's help you Fly.

28 Nov

KLIVOLKS® was quoted by Deepak Ravindran, founder of Pirate.Fund, in his posts as one of the top trending startup in Trivandrum.

2 Dec

KLIVOLKS® won WhatsApp Challenge organised by Facebook in association with StartUp India.